Thursday, October 13, 2011

New spin on a boutonnière

For my September wedding I wanted to do things different than the usual traditional "stuff". And I wanted to add my own personal touch to, well, everything. I'd like to think I succeeded on all levels, and one thing that I absolutely loved was foregoing the usual flower boutonnière for a custom designed (and hand crafted) wood broach from Zime Illustrations

I stumbled onto Zime's Etsy page because I was searching for something else (what that was I can't remember) and then I saw the I Love My Spring Mustache broaches and knew immediately that this is what I wanted for the boutonnières. I sent Zime an email, heard back from them almost instantaneously, and what was even more amazing is they offered to match the colors of the broaches to the colors of my wedding - for no extra cost.

The final result was perfection.

photographer: zime, courtney joe schoenbaechler
planning & design: h&a happenings

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