Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back in business! Well, sort of.

After some technical difficulties and a VERY busy start to 2012, I’m in the process of reorganizing and re-prioritizing, well, my life, so to speak. As many of you know, h&a happenings is not my full-time job, even though I’d very much like it to be! After the new year, I applied for a new day job and after many weeks of interviews, I was offered – and accepted – the position. The exciting part for me is that I’m heading back into marketing, which will inevitably help me market h&a happenings more effectively, and I was just really REALLY ready for a change of scenery (my old job had become boring and monotonous and one of those things that you groaned about as soon as you opened your eyes in the morning).

For h&a happenings to take off soaring, I need to have a day job that actually pays me well (which my old job was NOT). So, for the next couple of months, juggling my day job with my side business is going to be a little difficult, especially since I’m moving to Berlin for a month for training (the above pic is actually of my cute little apartment I'll have while I'm there - I have a balcony, which I'm super excited about!). But, I will have my laptop and my creativity with me, so I will be able to blog and brainstorm and discover new ideas for parties and getaways (speaking of which, I’m planning a Memorial Day weekend getaway to Vermont, which should be so much fun because it’s 1.) Vermont and 2.) such a great group of people!!).
On my to-do list over the next couple of days is to pack (for a month!! How does one actually do that??!), learn basic German, see a few friends that I will miss dearly while I'm away, and to snuggle a ridiculous amount of time with my husband (and our dog and cats).

Thanks to you all for your continued support!

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