Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Le Shack

Several years ago my husband (who was then just my boyfriend) and I rented a tiny little place in Sorrento, Maine called "Le Shack." It was very cute and remote and sat nestled beneath pine trees in a cove. It was a one bedroom, galley style kitchen kind of shack with a small deck and not a lot of amenities (we did have running water and electricity). It was the perfect place to hide, really. We ate a lot, we read a lot, and we spent our mornings watching bald eagles watch the lobster boats in the cove. I've been thinking a lot about Le Shack lately and went online to see if it was still available to rent. Sadly, I never found it, but I did find another "Le Shack" that is 30 minutes outside of Paris (France, not Maine) that reminded me a little of our shack in Maine. And I have serious shack envy. This little gem is utterly gorgeous and I want one of my own. How many fabulous dinner parties could I host on that deck (or on the grass)?? I certainly wouldn't be lonely because I have a feeling that if anyone in my social circle knew about it, we'd have plenty of visitors.

As much as I adore the idea of running off to Paris to find this little shack, I don't think my husband would have as much fun as I would. There is no electricity, no running water, and no bathroom. These are all kind of deal breakers for him. A girl can dream, though.

photo credit: NY Times

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